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Appliance Repair Specialist

Trying to do it yourself but afraid of wasting money on replacement parts you don't need?

Call Gary's Appliance Service, I have the answers to your questions and will provide you with the parts you need.

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Rochester, MN, Appliance Repair

I started Gary's Appliance in March of 1984 after 10+ years with Sears.

In January of 1995 I sold the business to Guyer's Appliance and stayed on as the service manager. Then during the spring of 2008 Guyer's failed as a corporation, even though the Rochester branches were still strong.

During the fall of 2010, I came full circle back to a home-based business. I am currently working by myself. If you should happen to get my answering machine, please leave a message with the brand, model and serial number of the appliance.

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