Microwave Repair Rochester, MN

Restore Your Microwave With Gary's Appliance Service

Take back your kitchen with the help of the experts

Nothing is more inconvenient than a broken-down microwave. Gary's Appliance Service will get your appliance back up and running no matter what's ailing it! Our team will take a look at your microwave and recommend an affordable solution. If it can be saved with a simple repair, we'll take care of it promptly and effectively.

Don't spend money on a costly replacement. See if Gary's Appliance Service can fix it first!

We've got a solution for your broken microwave

Gary's Appliance Service provides quality repairs for all microwave makes and models. We can fix:

  • Unusual Sounds
  • Filter
  • Loose Connections
  • Burned Connections
  • Broken Binding
  • Melted Parts
  • Unusual Odors
  • Systematic Continuity
  • Resistance
  • Appliance Bulb
  • Display
  • Turntable

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