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Refrigerator Tips and Tricks:

Refrigerator section is too warm, freezer side is still cold
Is the back wall of the freezer frosted up?
• Automatic defrost system is broken

Refrigerator section is too warm, freezer side is still cold
Is the fan in the freezer running?
• Freezer fan is defective or something is stopping the blade

Surfaces by the gasket or in between the refrigerator and freezer are hot
Is the fan underneath refrigerator (condenser) running?
• Condenser fan bad or blocked. Condenser coils need cleaning

Food in the freezer section covered in light frost crystals
• Freezer door wasn't closed tightly

Food in refrigerator section very wet and or ceiling is dripping inside
• Refrigerator door wasn't closed tightly

Door(s) will not close by themselves
• Lube lower hinges and or raise front legs or rollers. It's too level

Refrigerator/ freezer is making a click sound every few minutes
• Compressor or starting relay is bad. 50/50 chance of bad compressor

Ice maker not making ice
Is there any water in the cavity, tray, or mold of icemaker?
• Icemaker fill tube to back of icemaker is frozen. Thaw with hair dryer.

Water dispenser is filling glass slowly
• Change filter

Quick check to see if you need a new water filter:
• The specifications for the dispenser stream in a GE refrigerator is 13.5 oz/20 seconds. This is close enough to all the other manufacturer's specs that we can call this a universal spec.
• Now, take a two-cup measuring cup run the dispenser and time it. If it doesn't fill 13 oz (or 400 mL) in 20 seconds. If your test fails, change your water filter.

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