Happy Customers

Gary responded to my phone call right away, and proceeded to give me some very important tips and information over the phone, regarding the break down of my stove/oven. It actually wasn't broke! Saved time and money on something that needed an easy "fix". Very much appreciated!!

Jan Nordland

Gary has always been so helpful and responsive to inquiries. In my experience, he makes an effort to not only fix our issues, but also explain and educate why or how it occurred. Would highly recommend and will always turn to Gary for my appliance needs.

John C

I left a message for Gary, within the hour I had an answer to my question with a part number of a part that there was only one of, I ordered the part thanks to Gary.

Nathan Humphrey

Gary's has helped me with appliance repair several times in the past. He's willing to do the repair himself or help with advice for DIY guys like me. My most recent service came as advice and a part delivered within 30 hours of the breakdown.
Next day service with internet prices will cause me to call whenever I have a problem.

Scott Suddendorf

I have used Gary's service a couple of times and have been completely satisfied each time. I had an intermittent heat problem with my dryer. He gave some tips over the phone and how and what to look for. I found the problem and fixed it myself. Gary is very professional and explains details very well. I would highly recommend giving Gary a call for any Appliance need.

Jim & Candi Cole

Our refrigerator started making a very loud sound on a Sunday afternoon. I sent Gary an email and he promptly replied with very clear instructions on how we could fix it ourselves. We were really impressed that he would do that!!

Andrea Gates

Mark serviced my GE Profile fridge wonderfully well! Diagnosed a bad fan & had it replaced within an hour. Super courteous and great job done! Fantastic to have it fixed so quickly. THANK YOU!

Mike Temple

Excellent! Gary went beyond the usual service to make sure we would have what we needed. He is respectful, timely, and clearly competent.

John C. Portner

Gary's ability to fix your appliances is what you're technically paying for, but the real value is his ability to share expertise and impart wisdom. He's been at this for a long time, and can give authoritative recommendations about nearly anything running in your house. He can also usually find the part you need in the back of his truck. He's incredibly responsive (especially when you're in a melting food-type crisis) and generous with his knowledge (there's a wealth of it on his website). This man is a pro - trust him with your appliances.

Bryan L.

Very helpful. Mark at Gary's Appliance is prompt at returning phone calls and always offers free trouble-shooting advice prior to a service call. They provide a level of service you would expect from a friend.

John S.

Very knowledgeable, helpful, trustworthy and friendly. My 9 year old fridge was showing an error code and the temperature was rising. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and the next morning, it seemed fine. But, I wasn't sure if the problem would happen again or not. I called Gary's and he researched the code and came up with an explanation, told me what to check, and a fix. I will definitely call Gary's for future appliance repairs.

Jeff T.

I called Gary's for help after I couldn't figure out why my dishwasher wasn't draining. Gary promptly returned my call and walked me through some basic trouble shooting. He didn't personally service my brand of dishwasher but gave me the direct number of his partner who did. I left a message and got a call back (after hours none the less). We did some trouble shooting again and Mark asked me to try one more thing. Would you believe that was the issue and I was able to fix my dishwasher? I was so impressed with these guys for helping me fix the issue over the phone. Granted, I didn't need any parts replaced or repaired, but they easily could have scheduled an appointment to come over and charge me for the relatively simple fix. I hope I never have to call for appliance repair again, but when I do Gary's will be my first call. Thank you!

Ashley R.

I called Gary's with problem that our dryer smelled like fuel or gas. In our conversation I told him of a few of our renovations to our home. He explained that one of our projects was to sand and seal the hardwood floors and the cause of the smell we were getting was from the finish or polyurethane used to seal the floors. Gary listened to our problem, diagnosed it , and did it without a fee. I would highly recommend Gay's Appliance Repair to anyone in need of repairs or appliance parts.

Daniel P.

Gary has always been quick to get in touch with, has the experience a customer needs as well as gets the parts you need in a timely manner. Prices are always in line or less too.
Gives tips or instructions on the phone if needed, tells you what to check and with a smile on his face.
If all customer service was like his, everyone would be having a great day!

September 2016

Pete R

We were thrilled to get our refrigerator back up and running with your help
over the phone! We did not want to go shopping for a new fridge.
You're awesome and we are going to pay it forward like a friend did for me at work (as I was sputtering about having to shop for a new fridge) give your name out to all our family and friends.

August 2016

Mike & Cheryl B

I emailed Gary Wednesday night and Thursday morning got a call from him. Problem was refrigerator/freezer was not keeping food cold/frozen. Gary not only told me what part was bad, he had one in stock. I picked up the part Thursday afternoon and later that night I installed the part myself and refrigerator worked! If I had not contacted Gary and just gone out and bought a new fridge, for what I paid for the part, I would have paid that in sales tax alone. Thank you so much. Will recommend Gary to others.

August 2016

Scott T

Gary provided help for me over the phone when my dryer was overheating. We talked over the situation and he told to look at my lint filter to see if I could see through it. He let me know that my brand of filter often could become blocked by the use of some softeners. After cleaning the filter with vinegar the problem was resolved. Gary was very knowledgable and friendly. I would highly recommend him to others.

August 2016

Loren Simpson

My refrigerator air circulating fan died. Gary was booked solid and could not make to fix the unit but when I said that I could do the repair, he sold me the part at a fair price. Another service repair company in town offered to sell me part at a higher price or repair the unit at triple the price. Gary's service was outstanding and I would highly recommend him.

June 2016

Dave Summers

The customer service we received from Gary was outstanding, he went above and beyond. We were looking for a single part and were given his name, he didn't know us from any previous business, yet he ordered the part and with in one day and we had our appliance running. Thank you so much Gary.

May 2016


Saved me a service call with advice given over the phone. (Ice maker not working in side by side refrigerator. From my details, he assumed water line was frozen. I defrosted freezer.... and FIXED!!!)
Thanks so much Gary for your honest expertise! Saved me time, money and frustration! Highly recommended!

May 2016

Kymnberly Koestering

I e-mailed Gary about my dishwasher issue and he gave me the fix without coming out. Talk about an honest and intelligent business owner! I'll go back when I need to actually have him come by and fix something! Great communication!

April 2016

Daniel Gaz

Gary saved me so much money, was friendly and quick service on fixing my fridge. Very reasonably priced, would highly recommend!!

April 2016

Amanda Wallace

Gary is great! He can fix anything or will help you diagnose the problem so you can try to fix it yourself. I thought I had to buy a new dishwasher but when I called Gary he was able to diagnose the problem and explain how to fix it myself. Saved me 100s of $. I would highly recommend Gary's Appliance Service!

June 2015

Mark Anderson

I called Gary, he made an appointment for the next day when the part came in he could come out and fix our Whirlpool washer. He also found another problem spot and fixed that also. So nice to have someone come fix your appliance that has knowledge of all the products. We have had so many repair people come out, scratch their heads and tell us they have not seen issues like this.We will definitely spread the word of his wonderful services.
Kudos for Gary!

March 2015

Dave Pickett

My wife and I have been Gary's customers for years. I know I can trust him. He is fair, does good work, doesn't try to sell me things I don't need. He also explains what needs to be done and what has been done is language I can understand. I definitley recommend Gary. I consider him a friend.

March 2015

Bill Kleis

We were able to call and our oven was fixed in the same day. Our neighbors recommended him to us and we'd recommend him to others.

September 2014

Bryan Logan

Gary did a FANTASTIC job on my side by side fridge. The ice maker kept frosting up. and the other repairman couldnt fix it Gary pulled a few tricks out of his sleeve and bam no more problem.

July 2013

Quick Rick


June 2011


I called about having someone come out to take a look at my leaking dishwasher. Gary recommended not repairing it even though he would have made money off of a repair visit. He also spent time talking me through potential options for a replacement without any financial benefit.

I appreciate his honesty and will give him a call when I have an issue with an appliance in the future.

Kyle DeBoth

I would highly recommend Gary's Appliance Services. I called Gary because my oven stopped working all of a sudden. We noticed that if we turned the burner on, the oven display would come on but nothing else worked. He explained to me on the phone that he has seen this many times and told me that if I was handy that I could check it myself. I did check it, and although the issue was not exactly what Gary suspected, the detailed way Gary described it to me led me to find the answer (one of the two 40 amp fuses on the circuit had blown, so the oven was not getting the correct voltage). I appreciate Gary's honesty and willingness to tell me over the phone how I could try to fix it. I would have gladly paid Gary for his services. Although that was not necessary in this case, I will absolutely call Gary next time I need an appliance fixed. In fact, I am going to call him if I can't fix my water softener this weekend.

Thank you Gary! I appreciate the help.

Bart Caldwell

I didnt have Gary repair anything for me, but I called him desperate for parts for our broken refrigerator and he came through like a champ for me. Normally places don't want to sell parts because they want the money for servicing the product but Gary even went so far as to confirm my choice of parts and explain why I was probably correct about the issue. If I ever need anything fixed on my appliances this is the guy I'm going to, these places are few and far between these days.